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Loving Our Enemies: The Core of Jesus’ Vision in the Sayings Gospel Q (pdf)

by Robert Perry

This is a chapter Robert wrote for an academic collection called “The Healing Power of Spirituality: How Faith Helps Humans Thrive,” edited by J. Harold Ellens. In the Sayings Gospel Q, the opening sermon, which was the basis for Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount and Luke’s Sermon on the Plain, is largely a series of elaborations on the core injunction to “love your enemies.” This chapter is Robert’s attempt to draw out the meaning of this discourse on loving one’s enemies, and thereby to capture what may well be the heart of the historical Jesus’ vision. What we find there is something that, rather than being a somewhat primitive relic of the past, is radical and deeply challenging for any time, including our own.


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“To the one who asks of you, give;
and from the one who borrows, do not ask back what is yours.”

— Jesus, Q 6:30, The International Q Project