Board of Directors

alexandra_sepia Alexandra Fraser, President & Founder. Alexandra has been on the spiritual path for 30 years, as the result of a life-changing spiritual experience. Through this experience her passion became manifesting God’s world in her daily life through loving other people, and in 2004, she established The Mustard Seed Venture. She is currently the administrator, has led study groups, and is also working at a local wedding planning company. Alexandra has worked in several non-profit organizations and a number of businesses, including two local cancer centers in an office management capacity. Some of Alexandra’s volunteer work includes co-founding a Waldorf-Inspired charter school, helping shut-ins and others in need and fundraising.


Ken Froessel, Vice President. Ken was at the very beginning of The Mustard Seed Venture which began in a refurbished utility room at Alexandra Fraser’s house located on a street called Inspirational Drive in Sedona, AZ. And inspiration he found by going within to connect with God and from that “sacred space” freely serve others. The meeting space has changed a few times since the early days but the mission of The Mustard Seed Venture continues to inspire him to serve as an active participant and board member. Ken is also an Interfaith minister, a wedding officiant, hospice chaplain/volunteer, and longtime student of A Course in Miracles. Ken also heads up the prison ministry of a local A Course in Miracles organization.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAGreg Mackie, Board Member. Greg has been a writer and teacher for many years, focusing on the modern spiritual text A Course in Miracles. He has had a long-time interest in the historical Jesus. In addition to Jesus, his inspirational heroes include Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Mother Antonia, and Peace Pilgrim. He currently lives in Mexico with his partner, Patricia Zamudio, working with her to bring God’s love to everyone involved in the challenging situation there, in particular to migrants and those who work with them. He believes that deep personal connection with God and selfless service to others are the keys to experiencing the kingdom of God in our daily lives.